Road construction machines in action

Our road construction machines are being operated throughout the year in Germany. Used machines are sold to worldwide markets. Regardless whether on rental jobs or preparation of machines for shipment on our stockyard, there are many stories to tell about.

Have a look behind the scenes and follow us to interesting places abroad.


International success with used road construction machinery: werwie presents new image film

Almost 30 years of history. One of the leading dealers of road construction machinery in Germany. werwie could have made many superlatives the subject of its image film. Instead, the German company based in Konz concentrates entirely on making its slogan "Paving your way" an authentic experience - with its own staff as actors and the help of elaborate computer technology.

werwie is known as a family-run, internationally active German company and as a dealer of young, high-quality road construction machinery from the Wirtgen Group. With its machines, werwie is active in all areas of road construction. An impressive new image film, which was released by the company this week, manages to illustrate this comprehensive portfolio in just two minutes, without using words – from the sales and rental business, through back-office work and the service workshops, all the way to the machines‘ worldwide use on the most diverse job sites.


Vögele MT 3000-2i Offset feeding two pavers at German Grand Prix circuit

The section in front of the Mercedes grandstand is one of the trickiest parts of the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit in Germany. Finding the best line here is a difficult task for many drivers.

We were on site with our Vögele MT 3000-2i Offset, which fed two asphalt pavers simultaneously thanks to the high-precision control of its pivoting belt.


werwie expands network of rental stations in Germany

werwie further expands the network of rental stations in Germany. Besides Konz/Rheinland-Pfalz and Neckarsulm/Baden-Württemberg a third station is now available in Bad Hersfeld/Hessen, located near traffic junction „Kirchheimer Dreieck“, easily accessible via motorways A5/A7/A4. From here werwie offers the latest models of Hamm rollers both for asphalt and soil compaction. Furthermore the full range of Vögele pavers and feeders. 


Hot in hot

werwie provided Thannhauser company with two Vogele SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, both pavers placing asphalt "hot in hot". In front: Vogele MT 3000-2i Offset. Thanks to Vogele marketing team a great video showing detailed technical shots could be produced:


W 35 DC with a working width of 50 centimeters

werwie’s service team is specialized in meeting customer’s requirements. As you can see on this WIRTGEN W 35 DC that works like a W 50 DC now. werwie service technician Reinhold Binz did a good job in changing the housing and milling drum of the machine. Together with service technician Jens Bartsch he brought it on the way to the customer now. Looks good and works fine! 


werwie stock list newly designed

As spring starts these days, werwies stock list comes in new shine too. When it’s about design and functionality, our new list has a lot to offer: werwie used machines are clearly classified now and a klick on the chosen machine links directly to our website. Gathering information is much more convenient this way and saves time.

Getting in contact with werwie is easier now too as the list provides all data with e-mail, phone and mobile number of the colleagues in our sales team.

The new werwie stock list is available on our homepage via as of now.


WR 2500 S equipped with new milling teeth and chisel holders

This sure looks like a perfect milling drum: werwie serviceteam did a really good job in preparing soil stabilizer WR 2500 S with new milling teeth and chisel holders as well. The WR uses its powerful milling and mixing rotor to mix pre-spread binders, such as lime or cement, into insufficiently stable soil at working depths of up to 500 mm to convert it into a construction material of high quality in an in-situ process.


All about power feeders: two-day-event hosted by werwie and Vogele

When it comes to feeders werwie got it going… That’s what round about 40 employees of German construction companys thought when they attended our workshop concerning power feeders. werwie hosted the two-day-event in cooperation with Vögele who supported the participants with their technical expertise as well. Now everybody feels ready for the next application on site. 


Bye bye, W 200!

Michael, head of werwie engineering, made sure that cold milling machine W 200 was safely loaded for transport. The large milling machine can be used for extensive surface course rehabilitation, the selective removal of pavement layers, and fine milling jobs using drums with different tool spacings.